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Tight shortened hamstrings are really common, especially if you have to sit alot or have play sport that uses the legs, like running, dancing or football. Shortened, tight hamstrings can pull the pelvis out of alignment and contribute to lower backache or pain. This sequence is designed to help lengthen your hamstrings again. Enjoy. And let me know how you get on in the comments. Subscribe to my channel Yoga with Claire for more Yoga videos


Pregnancy Yoga

If you are pregnant and experiencing lower back pain or even if you just wasn’t to prevent lower back pain during your pregnancy then this video is for you.


Mum & Baby Yoga

Full Yoga workout especially tailored for postnatal women. You can do this yoga session at home with your baby. Includes breathwork, yoga poses and positive affirmations for motherhood. Postnatal Yoga with baby is a great way to start moving your body again while bonding with your baby.

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