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Izzy getting stuck into her pancakes

Since its pancake Tuesday I thought I’d post about these lovely low carb pancakes I make for my daughter who has type 1 diabetes. They don’t spike her blood sugars anywhere near as much as the regular ones and they are still really tasty. She absolutely loves them.

So I thought this recipe might be of interest to anyone with gluten intolerance or diabetes and anyone really who just fancies a healthier pancake this year. The best thing about them is they are really easy to make, they only have 3 ingredients and you do not have to prepare the batter in advance.

On special occasions like today we use Kelkin no added sugar chocolate spread which tastes exacy like Nutella, but these pancakes work really well with Greek yogurt and berries, or even on their own as the banana makes them naturally sweet.

These ingredients make a nice portion for one person:
1. Half a banana (60g)
2. Two heaped teaspoons of peanut butter
3. One Egg


Mash banana in a medium size bowl.
Add the peanut butter and mix well until there are no lumps. (Runnier peanut butter works best.)
Hand whisk the egg into the mixture
Pop in the pan with a bit of oil (I use coconut oil) on a medium heat.
Watch them carefully, they cook very quickly.
Turn as soon as you see the edges getting crispy and bubbles forming on top, turn them.
And Voila, your tasty low-carb, healthy pancakes are served

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